Why Deal between Amazon and Chetan is Good for India?

Chetan Bhagat, most popular Indian author in a shocking move ditched his erstwhile publisher Rupa and signed a deal with Amazon Publishing. Reports suggest that Chetan Bhagat has signed a six-book contract with the Global publishing Arm of Amazon. Chetan Bhagat said to Hindustan Times  “Usually, Indian authors head West to look for international publishers. It’s exciting to see the West coming to us,”

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While Chetan and Amazon must be enticed about the deal but the Indian audience is looking at the abrupt situation with keen eyes, but the contemporary popular Indian authors cannot fathom the effects of one such deal.

The Future of Publishing in India and Chetan Bhagat

Well, not a lot of popular authors will admit but most of them are cashing on to the audience base Chetan Bhagat created in India. It was Chetan’s marketing plans and not-so-literary-conceptual books that paved way for the contemporary authors in India. Chetan Bhagat literary made book authoring a fulltime job in India and he is here again, standing at a threshold, ready to disrupt the saturated publishing industry.

Why this specific deal between Chetan and Amazon will shape the future of Publishing

Amazon recently launched Alexa in India and since then people have been wondering, what actually is the use of this audio device that we can talk to. Alexa play my favorite song, order the particular item on Amazon are the only useful things we can do with this electronic gadget that comes for a price of 10k? Well, Indians were really skeptical about the device but now it is starting to make sense.

Amazon has this service called “Audible” in Western Countries, which is actually an Audiobook publishing service. Audible allows the authors–just like Amazon KDP–to publish their books for free and reach to the potential audience without getting into a contract with a traditional or a vanity publisher.

Amazon is all set to launch Audible in India and who better than Chetan Bhagat to endorse it. Amazon has hit the bull’s eye with this move and will be cashing on to the huge readership in India like no other platform. A product like Audible will be difficult for competitors to clone and by the time they will come up with one cloned version, Amazon Audible would have established itself as the Market Standard only to be the undisputed king of audiobooks in India. Good Move Amazon, good move!

How Many Books Will Chetan Write Under This Deal

Reports in Hindustan Times suggest that Chetan Bhagat has signed a six-book deal with Amazon; the three of which will be non-fiction and the rest three will be fiction. One of the fiction book is in the editing stage and is all set to release during Diwali 2018. Chetan Bhagat was shy and decided to not give away any info about the upcoming fiction book.

How this new deal will benefit the amateur and aspiring Indian authors

Amazon KDP has done a lot of damage to the Vanity Publishing in India, which aims to fish money out of aspiring authors and with the launch of Amazon Audible, the aspiring breed of writers in India will have access to a tool that promises to evolve the experience of reading and publishing.

  • Aspiring authors will be able to ditch vanity publishers and save a lot of money for marketing
  • Audible is a new tool for Indian marketing hence expect a lot of marketing gimmicks by Amazon, which will help authors who decide to take a risk and publish their books through Amazon Audible during the initial stage.
  • With Amazon’s Alexa becoming a household thing, Audible will help authors reach out to more and more people.

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Image Sources: Hindustan Times, Realestateeye

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