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Ajay K Pandey: A loving husband, Humanitarian and a Bestseller

Ajay K Pandey

Not all writers turn to writing because of zeal or passion, some are coaxed into the art 0f writing by the misfortunes that occur to them. Ajay K Pandey is one such Bestselling Author, who turned to writing when he was low and in grave pain.

Author Ajay K Pandey is not only a superb writer but also a humanitarian. Ajay K Pandey is the author of two bestsellers whose earnings go to a charitable trust in his wife’s name.

Born and brought up in Rihand Nagar, on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, Ajay K Pandey did his engineering from IERT, Allahabad. He further pursued MBA at IIMM (Pune) before joining a corporate firm. His dream of becoming a teacher didn’t come true. Ajay K Pandey’s first experience with writing happened after the death of his wife.

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Ajay K Pandey

Author Ajay K Pandey’s first book “You are the best wife” was an autobiographical record of his own struggle as he lost his wife ‘Bhavna’. First submitted under the title “I love you too and you are the best husband” the book exceeded expectations upon publication. Ajay K Pandey’s debut novel had broken into Nielsen top 5 outselling Devdutt Pattnaik and JK Rowling on Amazon.

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Author Ajay K Pandey’s journey as an Author:

Before losing his wife, Ajay K Pandey had never written a single short story. But after her loss, he needed an outlet for the pain. Ajay isolated himself from other people and took out the pain on paper. “You are the best wife” was his effort of making the memories of his wife everlasting. Ajay believed Bhavna to be an inspiring woman who can inspire thousands of other people. After the success of his first novel and constant support by readers, his second book “Her Last Wish” took form. Ajay K Pandey writes realistic romance novels with loss and heartbreak. His books are his attempts at giving an inspirational message about living life.

You are the best Wife: A True Love story (Published in November 2015)

Based on real events, Ajay K Pandey’s debut novel is a story about how people find true love even in dissimilarities. It is a heart-touching book that has inspired thousands of people. The book is written in the memory of his late wife Bhavna. He and Bhavna are the main protagonists of the story. All the proceeds from the novel go to a charitable trust in Bhavna’s name.

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Her Last Wish (Published December 2016)

Author Ajay K Pandey’s second book is his first attempt at fiction. Though, it also had similar humanitarian motives of educating and inspiring others. This is the story of a husband who wishes to fulfill her wife’s wished before she dies. Another important theme was HIV/AIDS and its taboo in Indian society. Unlike the first book that was described his own struggle, this book aimed at transforming norms of society.

Ajay K Pandey’s Publishing & Marketing Struggle:

After writing the novel, Author Ajay K Pandey submitted the book widely but got no response from any of the mainstream publishers. At that point, he strongly contemplated going down the self-publishing route. But after being approached by Srishti publishers within a year, those thoughts took a different turn. But it takes a lot of effort for a published book to become a bestseller.

Ajay K Pandey felt that newspapers and magazines have a limited readership and ended up spending Rs 1.5 lakh on videos and sponsored ads on Facebook.

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The turning point, Pandey feels, was the mailer that was sent out in March 2016 to everyone at Cognizant, of which he is an employee, at the insistence of his CEO.

“Cognizant has more than one lakh employees. Since I had made it clear that the proceeds from the book will be used for a good cause our CEO felt he should promote the book.”

Ajay K Pandey

Success and Recognition:

Author Ajay K Pandey’s first book “You are the best wife” sold 1,00,000 copies and still counting. It spent a record-breaking 44 consecutive weeks on the Hindustan Times Bestseller list. His second book “Her Last wish” spent 30 consecutive weeks on Amazon top 100 best sellers.

Ajay K Pandey’s life and aspirations:

Author Ajay K Pandey is currently working at Cognizant, Pune. Apart from writing, he aspires to be like his role model Mother Teresa and contribute to society. Though he grew up dreaming about being a teacher, life took him on a different path.

What’s next: Currently enjoying his hobbies of traveling, trekking, and reading, there is no news about his next book. Since he says that life inspires him to write, we are hoping he writes one soon.

WP’s conclusion: Bhavna’s journey has transformed many lives. Ajay K Pandey’s books being directed at anyone struggling with pain and loss gave readers something to relate to. He has successfully touched the hearts of many readers and made them cry.

In an interview, Author Ajay K Pandey describes himself as “An Author who writes from the heart by keeping the reality intact.”

And we couldn’t agree more.

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