About Us

Word Pinnacle is no attempt but a strong step towards building one stop shop for Book Reviews, Author Mentorship, Literary Updates and Publishing Insights. The team behind Word Pinnacle writes one word at a time and considers it no less than a brick. We are indeed building an Exquisite Castle for everyone who loves to Read, Sniff, Stock and Discuss Books.

Word Pinnacle caters a unique user experience to every Bookworm. We tend to create an environment where the bookworms are not judged and only praised. Yes! All you bookworms can share your little literary crush with us through our Contact Us page and learn our little secrets in return.

Word Pinnacle is a much-needed step towards making reading more affordable, transparent and selective.  Book reviews, writing contest and writing suggestions are going to help readers make better choices and grow their writing skills simultaneously. Word Pinnacle is not here to challenge existing Book Reviewing platforms and portals but we are here to take the journey forward, improve shortcomings and help readers have a good time.

Our Word Curator:

Pranav Shree 22, is a full time Freelance Writer, residing in the capital city of India, he aims to make a name in the Blogosphere. With a lot of professional writing projects in hand, he is also working hard to acquire the requisite skills of penning down a masterpiece Novella. He has contributed a short story to the anthologies—A Phase Unknown-Woman A Tribute and Catalogue-A Menu of Memories. The National Daily Hindustan Times cited him as ‘Perhaps the youngest content writer cum blogger from the State’.

The Man Behind Awesome Tech:

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Satmeet Singh is an individual every business needs. His expertise Business Development skills have made it easier for us to come up with ideas that caters to a wider audience. He is someone who cares for the perfect balance of emotion and statistics while making a decision. His expertise and thought process is helping us solve problems one by one. Satmeet Singh is surely someone Word Pinnacle treasures and will continue to depend upon. He is also a Certified Financial Planner, who makes it easier for millennial to understand the importance of savings and investment. Find out more about his work, here.