Love & Peace by Abhishek Kothari

Abhishek Kothari

About the Author:

Abhishek Kothari is the National Best seller Author of book “A Feeling Beyond Words” published by Srishti Publication. The book was an instant hit; the exquisite quotes and the emotional dialogues struck a chord with the audience and turned Abhishek Kothari into a rage in the Indian publishing industry scene. Abhishek Kothari is a Mechanical Engineer from Lovely Professional University. He now resides in Jaipur. Abhishek is someone, who is constantly moving in search of new experiences and stories.

I personally met Abhishek Kothari–during College Days–and my experience was extremely humbling. Abhishek Kothari is a down-to-earth human being, who believes in the power of Words. No matter, whether you are reading his book or talking to him, he is always saying the RIGHT THING. Watch his Facebook Live Video, here.

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Abhishek Kothari

About the Book: Are you in quest of love and peace?
Dear reader,
I have been dreaming of marrying Guddi ever since childhood. No, I didn’t love her back then. I wanted to marry her simply because all my friends were married (child marriage!) and I didn’t want to lag behind.Now, I love her deeply. But for her, marriage is a three-ring circus – engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering. More so, I’ve run away from her a couple of times for my atonement. But every time, life has dragged me back to her. In running after love and peace, I forgot to live! A mesmerizing anecdote about following your heart, Love and Peace is about my fight with fate and life to achieve what I had set my heart on. Come, join my journey and rediscover yourself.
Love and peace,
Raju. Source

Abhishek Kothari

The New Book:

Love & Peace came almost after 7 years since the release of “A Feeling Beyond Words”; Abhishek was disappeared from the publishing scene but his comeback is quite a good news for the serious readers and fans out there. Love & Peace is Romance book that makes the readers experience the pain of One-Sided Love.

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When compared to the second work of many contemporary Author, Abhishek successfully leaves a memorable mark. Readers are going to feel connected, emotional and overwhelmed when reading through the lines.

Interesting characters like Sanjay and Raju makes it easier for the newbie readers to understand, what actually love is? There are lines and paragraphs that makes you stop and think for a while. When you read through every line intricately, you will realize, this book is no less than a revelation.

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The conversations between Sanjay and Raju are hard hitting and very much True. Words dipped in syrup of Love, Nostalgia and Emotions, will make you realize, why it never worked out for you? One thing that this book will make people realize is “Love is about giving, going through pains silently only to have the requisite Peace of mind”. 

abhishek kothari

A Feeling Beyond Words” was not only a book but an experience, it was a manual for every who was new to the experience called Love but the second book “Love & Peace” is the explanation, why it didn’t work out for you the first time.

The Language: Abhishek Kothari has mastered the skill of delivering the most painful and joyous experiences with the simplest words. His hard-hitting writing, makes you realize your mistakes and wrong doings.

Book Cover & Printing: Coming from the house of National Best Sellers–Srishti Publication–this book was bound to printed and marketed properly. Srishti Publication has an impressive outreach, which makes it easier for the Authors to discover new audience base. Srishti Publication, like always has done a commendable love with the Cover. The simple cover resonates with the title “Love & Peace”; the cover is as pleasing and soothing as Love and Peace.

abhishek kothari

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Lines that will make you stop and think for a minute: 

One of the most inspirational characters, Raju, goes through a lot of ups and downs in the book. There comes a time when he loses one of the closest person, which has been described really well in the book. Here are some of the lines, that resonates with the pain Raju felt:

abhishek kothari

Reasons you should order and read this book today:

  • This book is a refreshing change. Finally a book in years with almost no stuffed intimate scene. Pure experience of reading about Love and experiencing Peace.
  • Abhishek Kothari being a national best seller knows, what a reader wants to read and delivers exactly.
  • Abhishek Kothari tends to touch varied important emotions and helps you understand how Love works.
  • There’s a trailing effect, that continues to affect you even when you have completed reading the book.

abhishek kothari

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Here’s why you should not order this book:

  • You are looking forward to read a Fast Paced book.
  • You are looking forward to go through some cliched and raunchy intimate chapters.

Books by Abhishek Kothari:

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